'Artiste Martial' Kimono
'Artiste Martial' Kimono
'Artiste Martial' Kimono
'Artiste Martial' Kimono

'Artiste Martial' Kimono

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Size chart

Adult & Female Kimono Size Chart

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Size Wingspan Chest Length Waist Pant
A00 140cm 46cm 69cm 47cm 85cm
A0 150cm 50cm 73cm 49cm 89cm
A0H 153cm 59cm 75cm 53cm 90cm
A0L 160cm 52cm 76cm 50cm 92cm
A1 160cm 54cm 76cm 51cm 90cm
A1H 163cm 62cm 77cm 56cm 92cm
A1L 168cm 55cm 78cm 50cm 91cm
A2 168cm 59cm 79cm 54cm 96cm
A2H 169cm 64cm 79cm 58cm 97cm
A2L 170cm 61cm 81cm 54cm 99cm
A3 172cm 62cm 84cm 58cm 101cm
A3H 175cm 68cm 84cm 63cm 102cm
A3L 176cm 62cm 85cm 58cm 105cm
A4 177cm 66cm 85cm 62cm 106cm


F0 141cm 53cm 66cm 47cm 86cm
F1 150cm 55cm 70cm 48cm 90cm
F2 159cm 57cm 74cm 50cm 94cm
F3 168cm 60cm 78cm 53cm 97cm


Please allow a 3% tolerance for all measurements.


Size Height Range Weight Range
A00 135cm - 152cm 40kg - 50kg
A0 152cm - 165cm 54kg - 64kg
A0H 152cm - 165cm 65kg - 76kg
A0L 165cm - 174cm 54kg - 64kg
A1 165cm - 174cm 65kg - 76kg
A1H 165cm - 174cm 80kg - 95kg
A1L 172cm - 182cm 65kg - 80kg
A2 172cm - 182cm 76kg - 88kg
A2H 172cm - 182cm 88kg - 105kg
A2L 180cm - 188cm 78kg - 90kg
A3 180cm - 188cm 88kg - 105kg
A3H 180cm - 188cm 92kg - 110kg
A3L 188cm - 196cm 88kg - 105kg
A4 188cm - 196cm 100kg - 115kg


F0 145cm - 158cm 40kg - 50kg
F1 158cm - 165cm 50kg - 58kg
F2 165cm - 172cm 58kg - 65kg
F3 172cm - 176cm 65kg - 75kg

Together with our Parisian friends Clean Hugs, we are immensely excited to present ARTISTE MARTIAL, a celebration of French style. This limited edition release combines the very best of our kimono-making expertise with elements inspired by France's rich history, heritage and iconic imagery.

A beautiful jet black pearl weave jacket paired with a traditional diamond skirt play host to bold styling: an embroidered laurel wreath extends from the upper back to the upper chest, matte gold monograms adorn the left rib and honeybees (an emblem of immortality) find their home on both triceps. Cotton twill trousers with 'belt-buckle' style embroidery, matching matte gold detailing and our best-ever fit. There's more, but we won't ruin the surprises.


  • Jacket: 550gsm premium pearl weave with sashiko weave skirt
  • Pants: Brushed cotton twill
  • Fully embroidered detailing
  • Cotton twill accents
  • Includes tote bag

Caring for your kimono is simple:

  • Wash cold (under 30°c)
  • Air dry (avoid direct sunlight)
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not use bleach

For more info, visit product care.

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A celebration of French style in collaboration with our Parisian soap-making expert friends, Clean Hugs. This limited edition kimono combines over a decade of creative expertise with elements inspired from France's rich history.

Ruthless elegance

4 years ago, we set about designing a collection of combat garments that stood apart. A kimono that would feel right at home on the runway or on the mats.

Matte gold. Jet black.

Born from tradition

Exploring the rich design heritage of an incredible country like France is no easy feat. Together with our Parisian partners, we sought to pay homage to the country that has set trends, influenced global movements and done it all... effortlessly.

Meticulously crafted

Our pursuit of perfection has spanned over a decade - and we're not stopping now. The Artiste Martial kimono is our finest kimono release ever (for now) - and we're sure you won't be disappointed.

Customer Reviews

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Ahmad Afif Hajamohideen

'Artiste Martial' Kimono

Kimmy Azmi

Lightweight durable. Best Gi ever.

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